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Family law issues are unquestionably some of the most emotionally harrowing events that can confront a person. While any legal issue is trying, one that may redefine the very nature of your family can be even more stressful. But with the right legal guidance, you can handle any family law action and come through it in a position of strength, ready to live the rest of your life. As one of the most experienced family law firms in the Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law is ready to provide you with just that kind of legal guidance today.

Family law matters involve many issues

Virginia Beach family law attorneys like Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law handle many different types of legal actions. Essentially, a matter of family law is any legal matter that directly relates to the relationships of family members, or to keeping peace and harmony within a family. You may need our help with issues related to:

  • The nature of marriage, a domestic partnership or civil union
  • Questions of abuse and child legitimacy arising during a marriage or union
  • Paternity
  • Dissolutions of marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions

Many people are tempted to handle such issues on their own, without legal guidance. But having an experienced Norfolk family law attorney at your side during any family law dispute can often mean the difference between a satisfactory resolution and an extremely problematic one.

Common issues that family law attorneys in Virginia Beach address

While no two issues that Norfolk and Chesapeake family law lawyers might handle are ever precisely the same, some types of issues are raised in Virginia family courts more frequently than others. As experienced and knowledgeable Chesapeake family law attorneys, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law possesses solid experience guiding his clients through issues involving:

Our firm can help guide you through any family law matter that may arise in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With more than 25 years of experience, we take the time to understand the particular aspects of each case he handles. As Norfolk military divorce lawyers, we understands the unique requirements of handling a military divorce in Norfolk.

Virginia Beach and Norfolk family law attorneys ready to help

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