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Successful Chesapeake Grandparent Custody Attorneys Prepared to Fight for Visitation Rights

Grandparent custody lawyers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake are winning grandparents’ rights to see their grandchildren

Virginia family courts recognize that grandparents have special roles in the lives of their grandchildren. The courts also recognize that divorce and other questions of child custody can negatively affect the rights of grandparents who wish to continue seeing their grandchildren, and strive to defend these rights whenever possible.

If you are a Virginia grandparent with concerns regarding visitation rights and your grandchildren, you need a family lawyer with specific experience handling grandparent visitation rights in your state. Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law, one of the most experienced Virginia Beach grandparent custody law firms, is ready to consult with you regarding your case today.

Grandparent rights are not well-defined but defensible

The first thing a reputable grandparent custody lawyer in Chesapeake must explain to you is that there is no official law or statute in the state of Virginia guaranteeing the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren. Furthermore, the courts of Virginia and the Supreme Court of the United States have ruled that the wishes of parents trump the rights of grandparents in most custody and visitation disputes. However, a grandparent can bring suit and win court-approved rights to visit grandchildren if any of the following situations exist:

  • The grandparent has a history of spending a great deal of time with the child. If the grandparent saw the child regularly or provided child care, family and juvenile courts have precedent to rule in favor of allowing such relationships to continue.
  • The grandparent can prove the child is in danger, or that issues of abuse, neglect, or exposure to a dangerous environment exist.
  • Grandparents are effectively raising their grandchildren, in which case a Virginia Beach grandparent custody lawyer may be able to help grandparents establish legal custody of the grandchildren.

The best interests of the child are paramount

Any family law question involving children hinges on the question of what arrangement meets the best interests of the children. Experienced Norfolk grandparent custody lawyers like Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law understand that in some cases compelling legal arguments can be made that visitation or custody arrangements with a grandparent are absolutely in the best interests of the child, and worth serious consideration by the family court.

As child custody lawyers in Virginia Beach, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law brings more than two decades of experience to the negotiating table when representing clients, including grandparents seeking visitation rights or custody. When you need a Virginia Beach family law firm with deep compassion and considerable legal knowledge and experience, get help that matters.

An experienced Virginia Beach grandparent custody lawyer can help you make a compelling case

We can help. Contact Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law today, either online or at to arrange a free consultation about your custody case.


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