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Reputable Norfolk Divorce Attorneys Guide You Through the Process

For more than 25 years, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law has built a reputation as one of the prominent divorce law firms in Norfolk

Divorce can be devastating or it can be healing. It can be full of animosity or it can be handled collaboratively. It can bring out the best and the worst in the spouses involved. Or it can be all of these things and everything in between, since no two divorce cases are the same. Darrell M. Harding has worked tirelessly as a divorce attorney in Norfolk, Virginia since 1988. He takes the time to understand the unique situations his clients face, explains all of their options and helps them realize a new life can begin when a marriage ends.

Contested versus uncontested divorce

Divorcing couples have a choice when filing for an end to their marriage in Virginia:

  • A contested divorce is one where the spouses cannot come to an agreement about one or more key issues related to the divorce. Such issues must usually be settled through the courts.
  • An uncontested divorce occurs when the spouses do agree on every item and issue related to the termination of their union. The process may not necessarily be amicable, but no issues need to be resolved through the courts.

Some people think that an uncontested divorce requires no attorneys, but this is not the case. Norfolk divorce lawyers are still essential to the process for any Virginia couple seeking to end their marriage, whether it is contested or uncontested.

Norfolk divorce attorneys help with a range of issues and decisions

Divorce attorneys in Norfolk usually begin the process with a new client by explaining everything a divorce entails such as:

  • Filing for divorce in Virginia — Laws differ from state to state, and you must understand what you need to do, and in what time frame.
  • Financial matters related to spouse and children — To understand the financial realities of your post-divorce life, you must carefully consider your financial obligations regarding spousal support, alimony, property and asset division and child support.
  • Parenting — If you and your spouse have children, your Norfolk divorce lawyer should explain to you the protocols and rules regarding changes in circumstanceschild custody and parenting time, and grandparent custody and visitation rights.
  • Military divorce — If you or your spouse serve in the armed forces, a range of topics specific to military divorce must be considered.
  • Separation — If you want to try living apart from your spouse before proceeding with a final divorce, Norfolk divorce lawyers can also help you understand how separation agreements work.

Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law have spent more than two decades as a Norfolk and Virginia Beach divorce attorneys. He puts his considerable experience to work for the clients he represents, understanding their unique situations and tailoring a legal strategy that meets their needs.

A divorce lawyer in Norfolk with compassion and a reputation for success

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