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  • Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law
  • Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law
  • Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Harding, Harding & Harding remains open to handle your legal needs.  We can at this time offer phone consultations upon request.


We now have 3 Convenient Office Locations

AAA Building, Suite 301, 5366 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Tel: 757-499-2600

2010 Old Green Brier Road Suite L, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Tel: 757-401-6804

1500 E Little Creek Road Suite 309, Norfolk, VA 23518 Tel: 757-512-8393

Veteran Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyers Ready to Help

Among divorce and military divorce lawyers in Virginia Beach, we offer experience and compassion

Perhaps no life event carries as much emotional turmoil, confusion and pain as a divorce. Life as you know it is about to irrevocably change. You have concerns about how your divorce may affect your children, your income and your living situation. You may not even remember a life before marriage, and now you face building a new life after marriage.

It can all seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. With Virginia Beach divorce attorneys Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law at your side, you can get through your divorce in one piece, emotionally and financially. Divorce need not ruin your life. At Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law we have the experience, skill and compassion to help you through one of life’s most difficult transitions.

Doing what is right for the client for more than 40 years

Our firm is one of the most trustworthy and reputable divorce law firms in Virginia Beach. We believes you deserve a family law attorney who understands your worries and works tirelessly to guide you past them. Our compassion for our clients is matched by our tenacity in fighting for them: Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law protects your interests both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

Finally, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law believes you deserve an attorney who understands the specifics of your case. For example, divorces involving military members, whether in active duty or retired, involve elements not found in civilian divorces. As experienced Virginia Beach divorce attorneys, Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law  can provide the specific assistance that divorcing military spouses so desperately need. Military divorces as well as civilian divorces require the involvement of an experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorney.

A reputable divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk you can trust

As one of Virginia Beach’s most experienced divorce and military divorce law firms, we focus exclusively on Virginia Beach family law, with particular emphasis on divorce, child custody and adoption. We resolve every type of divorce case we handle, both military and civilian. Our firm addresses issues of:

As your divorce attorney in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk we vow to serve you. We follow up. We follow through. We make a difference.

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk family law attorneys Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law  understand that every case is different. We can provide you the same high-quality and focused service whether you are dealing with a military divorce in Norfolk or an issue of child support in Virginia Beach.

Military and civilian divorce attorneys fighting for you

Contact Harding, Harding & Harding Attorneys at Law to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. Contact one of our three offices in either Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk.

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