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What Happens with GI Bill Benefits in a Military Divorce?

Military service members often put their own lives in danger to serve their country. Yet, when they leave the military and enter civilian service, the adjustment is significant. The GI Bill, passed in 1944, provides service members with benefits to deal with medical conditions, disabilities, hardship and obtaining college degrees and technical or vocational skills. […]

What Is The Difference Between Divorce And Annulment In Virginia?

There are major differences between a legal annulment and a legal divorce in the commonwealth of Virginia. While a divorce ends a legal marriage, the marriage is still viewed as having been valid under the law prior to the divorce. An annulment takes the extra step of actually voiding the marriage, “as if it had […]

Federal And State Laws Impacting Military Divorce In Virginia

Divorce is nearly always a complicated process — a military divorce may be even more so. Issues of residency, length of a marriage, child custody and determining the jurisdiction of a military divorce are just a few of the factors which may come into play.  There are many federal and state laws that can impact […]

Children And Youth Behavioral Military And Family Life Counselors Are Available

Divorce is often a very difficult experience for all involved, especially children. The added challenges of living in a military family may make things even worse. Dealing with the absence of a parent (or parents) due to deployment already brings a great deal of stress to the lives of adults and children alike. The realization […]


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