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Separation Agreements In Virginia

In a deposition taken as part of an ongoing libel suit, actor/producer Tom Cruise was recently quoted as saying the following regarding activities related to custody of daughter Suri and his divorce from actress/fashion designer Katie Holmes:

“Listen, when there is a divorce… things change. And it’s more complicated, as everyone knows when that is, when that occurs, and there are certain agreements; now you have to ask for permission and organize schedules to make things happen. …It’s not an ideal scene. It’s not an ideal situation.” 

No, it certainly is not. Mr. Cruise lives in Los Angeles, while Ms. Holmes lives in New York City, making it very difficult for little Suri to visit one parent or the other without a great deal of notice and activity.  

It is evident that in the interest of their daughter and to support their own personal and professional endeavors, Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes have come to a separation agreement. These agreements are very often a necessary part of a divorce. 

Residents of Virginia with minor children who are considering divorce should know that the commonwealth does not actually offer “separation agreements.” Virginians may request a separation of property agreement, which covers child visitation and temporary custody and other factors such as alimony and property division. A skilled attorney familiar with the Virginia statutes regarding these agreements can help divorcing couples come to the best possible available arrangement for all concerned. 

Families in Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach have trusted Darrell M. Harding, Attorney at Law to help them draft Virginia separation agreements for more than 20 years.

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