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In a Marriage Breakdown, Who Generally Files for Divorce, Men or Women?

Many people find it surprising that women file for the greatest percentage of divorces. When considering divorce, a Chesapeake divorce lawyer can help you weigh your options and understand the potential consequences involved with divorce.

According to a report published by American Law and Economics Review, most women are in a worse financial state than their husbands after divorce and few can maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while married. However, this fact is not a deterrent to their filing for divorce. On an average, women file slightly more than two-thirds of the divorces in all states. Prior to most states adopting no-fault divorce options, the percentage of divorces filed by women was 60 percent. Women take advantage of no-fault divorce options more than men do. After divorce, women are also less likely to remarry than men are. However, women who marry young and stay married for a long time are the least likely to divorce. Women who are older when they marry are more likely to file for divorce because they have higher earnings and usually did not marry because of pregnancy. Also, women with higher educations are more likely to divorce than women who are less educated because they are better able to support themselves afterward and have less to lose by divorcing.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Virginia, seek the legal help of an experienced divorce attorney who can protect your rights.  

Darrell M. Harding has effectively handled divorce cases for more than two decades.

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